Eduardo Garcia s a chef, co-founder of Montana Mex food brand, motivational speaker, and outdoor enthusiast from Bozeman, Montana. He has traveled the world extensively as a yacht chef ith adventures at home and abroad revolving around food and an active, healthy lifestyle. He is also an Executive Producer and host of A Hungry Life, an outdoor cooking series being produced for YETI. During a Montana backcountry hike in October 2011, he was electrocuted and suffered extensive life threatening injuries. This was a life alterin and empowering event for Eduardo, upon which his CHARGED documentary is based. Eduardo is on a mission to positively impact those who are dealing with trauma and views his documentary as the ultimate platform to do this.  Find out more about Eduardo at


Jennifer is Eduardo’s closest friend and has been his primary caregiver throughout his ordeal. During Eduardo’s immense recovery she kept the camera rolling, generating a library of unique footage.  She will provide the inner perspective of his recuperation and comeback, ensuring that the documentary is accurate and includes the most insightful moments of his incredible journey to get his life back.  Originally from Dorset, England Jennifer moved to Montana after meeting Eduardo.  She is the co-founder and CMO of Montana Mex food brand as well as the writer and executive producer of  'A Hungry Life', an outdoor cooking series being produced for YETI Coolers.  Jennifer is a writer, designer, holds a degree in Psychology, enjoys dancing, board sports and performs stand-up comedy.  Learn more about Jen at


Eduardo & Nala Bing - Charged Film

Nala lives the ultimate cat life, she plays outside all day everyday, hangs with the chickens, she even loves playing in the snow and when she’s ready she waltzes into her warm home, and hangs out in her cat cradle that Eduardo and Jen made for her out of wool, antlers and juniper.  She is feared by mice but loved by everyone else and being such a cute, fun and snuggly cat she has been a huge part of Eduardo’s rehabilitation.