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Looking Back In Time, Reflections of An Injured Man

After a week of wishing, working, treatments and hoping it is clear my left hand does not look great. I have had a fever for days now because of the infection in my wrist and hand. The stench in the room is now noticeable and smells like the early stages of death. Horrible. A meeting of all the top surgeons on my case including Jay Agarwal from the Plastic surgery clinic was held in my room.

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Sharing My Story of Survival

I was described as “a bag of bones with a heart beat” by the team on call at the Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. It was late in the afternoon on October 9, 2011 and I had just been airlifted from Livingston Montana with severe electrical injuries. I was dying; every moment was precious as life slipped out of me. This was what Dr. William Morris the surgeon on call had on his hands. 

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